You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Glitch – Liv Foster

Someone once told me that art is anything you can get away with. To an extent, I agree with this. I think art can be defined as anything thats captivating, conveys a message, and can be supported. For my Glitch and Error project, I wanted to center on a theme that I feel is captivating to me personally. That’s why I choose music. Not just any music, artists that can now be defined not only as “old school”, but legendary.

johnnycashglitch frankie valli

The reason I took this direction is because the terms “old school” and “classics” have recently become interchangeable. I wanted to show these old school artists in a new age. Glitches are often associated with digital technology, as they should be. I thought the juxtaposition between these artists and the new age of glitch art would be interesting and thought provoking.

For the first of my pieces of art, I decided to start with images. I choose two of my all time favorite artists, Johnny Cash and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. These artists have truly made history with their music and it’s safe to say that their legacy will never be forgotten. I choose the picture of Johnny Cash giving the middle finger because I thought it was a tad alarming, with an underlying sense of humor. I wanted to choose a picture of him that was interesting as well as conveyed who he was as a person. I think the glitch I created of this photo adds to the overall message and creates something even more jarring then the simple picture of him giving the middle finger. My second image I choose to glitch was a classic picture of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. The original image is just a black and white shot of the group smiling. While I thought the original was a great image, I think by glitching it, it creates a sense of mystery. I think this because for people that don’t know of the group well, not seeing some of the faces creates a sense of wonder. This sense of wonder is brought on by the glitch which enabled the image to withhold information from the viewer. Who are these people? What do they do?

Since the theme of my glitch project centers around music, I wanted to glitch a song by the none other than the King of Rock and Roll. And most importantly, the song that inspired the title of my story: “You Ain’t nothin’ but a Hound Dog.” I found this song to be the most fitting seeing that it is quite possibly the most iconic rock song of our time. For this audio glitch, I decided again to “withhold information”. I did this by glitching out some of the words to the song, this way the listener has to decide for themselves what those missing pieces are, thus making it thought provoking. For my second audio glitch, I decided to take a different route than choosing a song. I choose part of an interview with Johnny Cash that actually happened right before he was going to perform his song, “Jackson.” I thought it was interesting to glitch the dialogue because it’s not everyday that you hear the speaking voice of an artist instead of just their music. I glitched this dialogue with the sound of an AOL startup sound. I choose this because it’s a very recognizable sound. I choose this because I want listeners to wonder why such a classic artist would be paired with a sound of a digital startup.

broken-takamine-string maxresdefault-2

Wild glitches are ones that happen without intention. These two images are examples of glitches that happened naturally. The first, being a broken guitar string. This is a wild glitch because no guitar player would want to purposely break one of his/her strings. This only causes a problem for them because then they are forced to replace it if they want to keep playing. I thought this was a good example of glitch art because even though the string is broken, the beauty of the guitar is still prevalent. My second image is of a discolored piano key. I think that this is a great example of glitch art because it conveys the beauty in imperfection. Even though that one piano key doesn’t look like the others, it is unique. And it is that uniqueness that is beautiful.

The last of my glitch story is video. For the video section, I choose to make GIF’s. The artists that I choose for my video glitches are The Supremes and, of course, Elvis. I thought Elvis would be great to make a GIF of because of his legendary dance moves. I think this is a good example of glitch art because It communicates his dance moves in a different way then just watching a video of Elvis dancing. I think the sudden movements of pictures is more interesting to watch and consider. For my last piece of glitch art I choose to glitch pictures of The Supremes. I think this shows the artists in a different way then just looking at a picture or watching them perform. I think it’s interesting to look at pictures that are similar in some ways, and different in others. I think its thought provoking and entertaining.

Overall, I enjoyed working on my glitch project. It was fun for me to make the connection between “old school” musicians and “new school” technology. The juxtaposition between these two ideas turned into a beautiful story of glitch art. I hope that I was able to explain clearly my vision for this project and why I created what I did. I hope that my audience understands my point of view and that I can ultimately “get away with” my art.


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