“It’s Not You, It’s Glitch” by Emily Marussich

While learning about glitch the keywords of interruption, corruption, exploitative, interaction, control and malfunction constantly came up as ways of defining this said art.  Glitch is explained as being the distortion or ruining of one thing while simultaneously being the birth of something new.  Whether a wild glitch or glitch art; a completely random interruption or corruption with intent, glitch means more than aesthetically distorted media.  As an artist I find my best work is done when driven by internal motivator or insight; rather searching for external motivation.  As glitch was conceived to be more than a pretty pop culture culture package; I felt the only way to do it justice would be to form my take on glitch outside the box and paint deeper meaning behind the lines and blocks that distort my media. I took glitch art and applied its definition to my actual world; realizing I have been experiencing these corrupted unforeseen interruptions in my own life for some time now.  My past relationships are my glitches.  Religion, politics, society, define for us what relationship will be, what they entail, and even paint beautiful photos for us that we then paste into our lives as real and absolute.  The day an unexpected scratch comes along on our rose colors lenses; we suddenly feel uncomfortable, corrupted, exploited and out of control as we watch our picture of love warp before our eyes; much like one’s first time laying eyes on a damaged file.  While these glitches are now in one view ruined fragments of what once was well processed and programmed, it in another view is the conception of something new.  Like I copy and pasted blocks of code in text editor, other suiters were copied and pasted into my relationships and like I deleted sections of code, moments and feelings were deleted.  Like one cannot master love, one can not master glitch.  This literal perspective on glitch built the foundation of inspiration for my collection of work. My real life glitches may in the moment have been corruptions, but in the end were the exposing of a new better version, of instead of a file; myself.  Like glitch described by Temkin and Menkman, there is a sense of uncomfortable release of control and unpredictability of how it will all work out.  My art is a combination of catharsis and realism and I’m excited to share it. The wild glitches featured were captured off the popularly used media; Snapchat and Netflix, both of which I have built dependent relationships upon.  At first I had questioned whether the spiraling load page was a glitch but after that page interruption went on for a solid few minutes I grew uncomfortabl and frustrated and that’s when I determined it was in fact a glitch.  My own glitch art was created by blindly corrupting files within textedit or photoshop. Each personally made glitch represents a photo of me and every ex-boyfriend I have had. The audio files were distorted using photoshop, bending songs that followed my matter of art. The video files created either through click drag click or iMovie. The first gif is a distortion of a wall of graffiti saying “Nothing Lasts Forever” and the second represents the demise of one of my relationships; flipping through several glitched photos from a photo booth photo shoot with “him” and ending with a photo of myself.  There are certain forces whether by technology or of the heart that are outside of our control and it is in that acceptance we are free.

netflix glitch

snapchat glitch

Michael glitch

Andrew glitch

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 12.06.56 PM

 Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 2.19.38 PM

zack glitch  


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