Victoria Lydon: Glitching Women with Words

Women throughout history have been seen as inferior to men. Even in today’s social culture women are put down in sexual and physical aspects. Even being a feminist is seen as a negative thing in our society because we are then, “men haters.”

In my project I want to portray what society is doing to women by saying and doing the things they do.


HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON ATTENDS THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTIONfrida_kahlo_columna_vertebral_-_spine_21000509261001_1283185241001_Bio-Mini-Bio-Georgia-OKeeffe-SF--411022

Sadly, an actual question that has been brought up in Hilary Clinton’s presidential race is whether or not her, “hormones” will get in the way of how she leads a country. By posing these questions we are glitching our view of women as leaders. In doing this, it may cloud the judgment of how we view Ms. Clinton’s ability to be POTUS. The reason I glitched this photo of Hilary is because I believe that it is a physical representation of what we are doing to her verbally.

Frida Khalo is an idol in the eyes of feminists everywhere. She is an artist that has portrayed her beauty in her paintings, monobrow and all. She never identified with a certain gender, and was known to dress and act in a “masculine” manor. For an artist in the 1900s, this was uncommon behavior. During her time she was highly ridiculed and almost feared by her generation. It was not until later in life that her ways were appreciated and seen as a form of influential beauty.

Frida glitched herself before the idea of “glitching” was even formulated. In her oil painting, “The Broken Column,” it is a self portrait oh her in the nude with a column replacing her spine. This was painted after she had undergone spinal surgery. She is the ultimate form of a beautiful glitch in my eyes, therefore I tried to honor her work by adding a modern glitch- twist.

I also added a glitched self- portrait of Georgia O’Keef because of her strong influence on the artists of the Feminist modernism art movement. She was the first woman to be dedicated in not only the Santa Fe Museum, but the first women to be dedicated to a museum in the United States.


This video is not your typical idea of a “glitch.” Though, it is in two different ways. One, is that you see explicitly the fact that there is an extra audio. Originally, I was planning on glitching the video and audio separately. When I downloaded them, they both came up at the same time and started playing. I found the sound interesting being that they were both about feminist ideals, and decided to record it happening. I love that you can still understand what both Hilary Clinton, and the “Feminist Gaga” is stating. It plays into the imagery just as much as it does the sound. The second way it is a glitch is in a way I did not even create. Women’s Suffrage is a parody music video paying homage to Alice Paul and the generations of brave women who joined together in the fight to pass the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote in 1920. They “glitched” Lady Gaga.


Lena Dunham. The meca of what real beauty is everywhere. Whether it be her book, or her TV show Girls on HBO, we see her in her true light constantly. There’s no photoshop, no retouching, just pure, natural, Lena. When Girls first came out, there were criticisms everywhere. She was, “too large,” to be a female actor who portrays sexuality. Or she was, “too honest,” in her words and in her appearance. By saying these things, our minds were programmed to think them every time we saw her, to second guess her. This is a glitch. This is not true. By believing those things we have a clouded judgement. Thankfully, Ms. Dunham is a fighter, she is strong, and she surpassed all the negativity until her impact of positive body image and women’s rights had been made (and still is.) I decided to glitch three different scenes from her video on voting called, “Your First Time,” for the Obama Administration. It is a below the surface, low- key, call to women to not be afraid to vote. To not be ashamed or embarrassed about it. To also not be influenced by men over the decision.  I glitched this because due to media and culture sometimes women are seen as, “uninformed,” or “ill- influenced” in the political world. Here, Lena is showing us that we shouldn’t be afraid.


This is a glitch from when I was trying to data mosh a Billie Holiday song, but accidentally uploaded it into a video editing software and it froze my entire computer. It essentially plays into my theme of women being naturally glitched by the media because Billie Holiday is the first of her kind. She was an African American women who during her time did not receive much respect for her profession.

This was just me watching Friends on Netflix and having my computer freeze…


This is an audio mash of the spoken word poet Staceyann Chin. In the spoken word, she speaks about her ideals on feminism and what it is like to be a woman in a man’s world.


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