“Feminism of the 21st Century” by Katie McMahon

As many people who know me understand, I am a feminist. That means that I strive for the political, economic and social equality of the sexes and genders. When we look at our nation today, we see a ton of progress. We see women running for president and speaking at the UN, we see Gay Marriage acceptance at an all time high, and we see more and more women running the show in the corporate world. However, we also see slut shaming. We see domestic violence. We see a culture that looks down upon feminism.

stop abuse


In other countries, we see women being burned by acid because of their gender. Women are not allowed to speak, or show emotions, or have any say in politics never mind run for president the way that we can. They sell their bodies for money legally. Yes, Amsterdam still permits the red light district to run, degrading women and having them be so financially and legally content in their “work” that they never know a way out of it.

Red Light District

Red Light district in Amsterdam

Feminism does not start and end in the United States. We have progress ourselves, but we need to find a way to integrate the progress we have done so far into the rest of the world. This is the basis for my glitch work. It is pointing to the problem that we as a society think just because women were given more human rights that we are done making progress in the world of feminism.

But feminism is not just about women. It is about men, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning people of our society feeling as comfortable as anyone else being exactly who they are without judgement or interference. We are not done here. We are not done until women & men can sleep soundly at night without worrying about getting beat to death by their partner. We are not done until we take every person out of prostitution, out of drug use caused by nonacceptance. We are not done until everyone is equal.

We think that it is just women who are being affected, but it is men too. It is men also who are being victimized, as you can see by the audio above. We try to make men the enemy of feminism when really we need to get them involved. I glitched the video of a 1950s documentary called “The Trouble with Women” because I wanted to show how far we have come, but i glitched everything else to show that we still have a long way to go. I hope this inspires people to move further into the realm of feminism and learn more about it so that we can truly understand it and work for it. Feminism of the 21st century needs to be a new kind of feminism. Like anything else in our society, we need to keep changing with the progress that we gain.

-Katie McMahon

Wild Glitch

Glitch Safari           Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.19.16 PM


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